Hotkey-based Window Manager

How To Use

Win+Ctrl+Z / Win+Ctrl+Num1move to left/bottom of screen
Win+Ctrl+X / Win+Ctrl+Num2move to middle/bottom of screen
Win+Ctrl+C / Win+Ctrl+Num3move to right/bottom of screen
Win+Ctrl+A / Win+Ctrl+Num4move to left/middle of screen
Win+Ctrl+S / Win+Ctrl+Num5move to middle/middle of screen
Win+Ctrl+D / Win+Ctrl+Num6move to right/middle of screen
Win+Ctrl+Q / Win+Ctrl+Num7move to left/top of screen
Win+Ctrl+W / Win+Ctrl+Num8move to middle/top of screen
Win+Ctrl+E / Win+Ctrl+Num9move to right/top of screen
Release Shift key to move with caring taskbar window.
Hold Shift key to move without caring taskbar window.
Win+Ctrl+1resize to 640x480
Win+Ctrl+2resize to 800x600
Win+Ctrl+3resize to 1024x600
Win+Ctrl+4resize to 1024x768
Win+Ctrl+5resize to 1280x768
Win+Ctrl+6resize to 1366x768
Win+Ctrl+7resize to 1440x900
Win+Ctrl+8resize to 1600x900
Win+Ctrl+9resize to 1920x1080
Win+Ctrl+9resize to 1920x1080
Win+Ctrl+0resize to fit current screen
Release Shift key to resize with caring taskbar window.
Hold Shift key to resize without caring taskbar window.
Win+Ctrl+Arrow keys (non-numpad)move window to touch monitor's edge in that direction
Win+Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys (non-numpad)stretch window to touch monitor's edge in that direction
Win+Ctrl+PgUpmove foreground window to previous monitor
Win+Ctrl+PgDnmove foreground window to next monitor
Win+Ctrl+Homemove foreground window to primary monitor
Win+Ctrl+?show help, not much for now
Win+Ctrl+/stop program



This little utility is wrote in morning of 2010-10-13, when I want a simple utility to move and size window. It is possible to done thank to code from FreeSnap utility, you can reach at freesnap.

This program borrow structure from it's ancestor: SnapIt.

Dowload it here

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